Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Decor…

After the wonderful baby news across the pond today,

I thought I would play with baby decor for a change…

sundvik-crib__0135154_PE291910_S4 barnslig-rand-duvet-cover-and-pillowcases__58745_PE164292_S4

Crib with bedding

lova-bed-canopy__19281_PE104510_S4 barnslig-ulven-duvet-cover-and-pillowcases__0102776_PE248330_S4

Leaf over crib, more bedding

lynne-davies-centinoodle sophie-harding-baby-lion

Artwork over the crib for colour and fun.

bw_mobile03 bw_mobile 

Mobile… looks easy enough to make myself…


Modern rug for the floor under crib

spoka-night-light__0097670_PE238442_S4 Night light lampmalm--drawer-chest__74485_PE191628_S4 Dresseril_570xN_474743242_jz14 gullunge-babycare-mat__28545_PE110954_S4

Another mobile over the change table, pad for change table


Change table, holds clothing and diapers

mammut-childrens-table__0098620_PE239759_S4 mammut-childrens-stool__10646_PE087516_S4 mammut-childrens-chair__60939_PE166990_S4

Colourful table and chairs…

Colourful toys on table and bookshelf


pTRU1-10477938dt vitaminer-vimpel-blanket__0095210_PE233618_S4

more fun toys, colourful blanket

pTRU1-14621870enh-z6 glider chair from toy are us website

A place for mom and baby to rock… after a bathbarnslig-baby-towel-with-hood__75024_PE192643_S4 wearing this fun towel…

that was fun, comments anyone…

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Playing with ideas again

New fabrics and area rugs for new condo…

LOOK # 1


Lighter Look for roomath5063-811  Athena Collection from Surya

Lazboy Talbot loveseat_451 in C 106952 p1 D 107428 021 legs

Grey for Talbot Loveseat with circle fabric pillows


D 107428 Pillow Fabric

Leo ottoman_30B to match the loveseat and pillows ottoman_30A Leo to match C 106952 grey loveseat

2 options for Leo Ottoman as coffee table (top flips to wood top)

010_789_Impluse Recliner in B 108026

Pale Green fabric for Impulse Recliners




Dark Look for room

oas1006-811 Oasis Collection from Surya

Lazboy Talbot Loveseat 451 in B 994394 P1 G 969079 021 legs

Medium Blue with abstract flowers for pillows


G 969079 Pillow fabric

Leo ottoman_30B to match the loveseat B 994394 and pillows G 969079 ottoman_30a Leo to match B 994394 Loveseat

2 options for Leo Ottoman as coffee table (top flips to wood top)

010_789_Impluse Recliner in B 100057 

Medium/Dark Grey for Impulse recliners

fireplace for Gwens family room

New Idea for television… Use a entertainment console with crystal fireplace insert, all DVD's etc behind glass (dust free living)


and if they are not liked, a more traditional look



Lazboy Talbot loveseat_451 in B 108026 P1 H 114288 021 legs Traditional


H 114288 Pillow fabric

ottoman_30A Leo to match B 108026 with casters

Leo Ottoman in B 108026 to match loveseat fabric

010_789_Fabric Impulse C 993756 Traditional

Impulse recliner in C 993756 fabric

3 different looks, 1 room…

Friday, July 12, 2013

Client look see… before presentation day…


Starting with the floor plan no 1

floor plan no 1

With this floor plan the television is over the loveseat as an art piece giving clients full view from the 2 recliners. There is full access to the family room area from both sides of the island, remember… the dining area is on the top right of this floor plan.

This space plan also works for having guests over, hanging out with the person or persons cooking in the kitchen. With a new kitchen this is important in my mind…

To be added to this floor plan are two small 18”x18” coffee table type pieces in front of the loveseat.

Canadel BEN089010505M18

I have a piece from the company Canadel I use for this, that you will really like.  Everyone needs a place to put down a drink. (it can also be used as an extra seat at the kitchen or dining table when needed)


Now on to floor plan no 2

floor plan no 2

in this floor plan I have used all the same pieces, faced the 2 recliners towards the long wall, using the hall table as a console for the vcr, dvd etc. That being said we could also change this piece out for an entertainment console below the television on the wall.

The opening is very narrow towards the dining area, which means you would always have to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining table.  Not something I would think my clients would enjoy. 

I personally think this floor plan is not very welcoming for visiting guests, but we all wanted to try this space plan to see how it would work and feel.

In this plan I would add only one small 18”x18” coffee table piece in front of the loveseat. (the same piece in the picture above)


Well that is what I have come up with, space planning helps a great deal, this gives us all a to-scale (1/4”=1’0”) look at how the furniture is going to fit and how the room is going to feel.


These pictures are reminders of amazing pieces that will be part of your new room and I used them as inspiration…

006  007


Now this is where I am with the fabrics and area rug…

loveseat_451 TALBOT in C 107996 p1 J 114788 021 legs 

This is the Talbot Loveseat in the fabric we found together the other day.

Isabelle Narrow ET w shelf 640210

This is the Isabelle Narrow Rectangle table with shelf I have used beside the loveseat. Finish to be worked out later. This table would have your lamp on it.

010_789_Fabric impulse j 114788 FABRIC

This is the Impulse Recliner that you sat on the other day, done up in the fabric you picked.

640220 Isabelle Wedge ET

This is the Isabelle Wedge table I have used between the 2 recliners, not sure what finish yet, we can work that out later.

I do not have a picture of the hall table/console/entertainment piece to insert here, I do have a pdf sheet at my office that we will go through together, and decide which piece works for you and your new room.



This is the area rug I found that works so well with both fabrics.

ken1009-8 x 10 size for room

colour ideas w rug  and paint Ben Moore AF685 or HC105

I laid out all the samples so you can see them together, I played with a few new paint colours  using your kitchen sample paint colour (just wanted to see if I could find something interesting), will show you them and any others I find over the weekend on presentation day.


So have a good look and read of all the above, email me at my home email over the weekend and let me know what you think of everything so far…   (I do not have a way into my office email from home)

Regards, Carol Anne