Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a must see @ Ralph Lauren Home

I check Ralph Lauren Home for his newest collection often, yesterday I was amazed at Left Bank Collection video… I watch it a few times and I recommend you do to check it out here

Left Bank Livingroom

As the video started with the amazing music I started to think… I could so get into redesigning our living room again.  Of course it would help to have such an amazing loft like this one….

Left Bank Desk area

I could work so easily at this desk…

Left Bank Bedroom

We had a bed just like this one, now a my daughters home… wonder if she would give it back to me?  Just kidding, it would not fit into our condo bedroom, lucky for her!  But I must show her how great it would look with a coat of black paint!

Check out the video for yourself, if anything I need to get those plates!

Let me know what you think… 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Houses, The Holiday…


The House Rosehill Cottage from the movie, The Holiday, hit the theatre in 2006. We all fell in love with this house.  Seems everyone wanted to know where it was, turns out this amazing cottage that looks like it was built years before was built in a few weeks just for the movie… pity!

Rosehill Cottage was built over the course of about a week.





Living Room
Living Room with entrance & kitchen in the background.
Shows stairs leading to bedroom.





Back room off kitchen.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone !

Valentine Paul

This is truly the best Valentine Heart of all.

From Me and my favourite musician Paul… x

lost opportunity…

west elm owls -booklovers-bookends

I was at West Elm in Vancouver, BC last week and saw these incredibly cute owls… so wish I had picked up a few now that I see this picture…