Saturday, November 10, 2012

Space plan me, Amazing!

As a designer I so love the space planning part of my job, it’s how a room totally comes together… before the fabrics, paints, tables are picked… knowing what will fit, to me is so important.

This room was designed by Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe for their show.

I have hand drawn the floor plan to give you an idea of how the furniture fits in the room…

Hand drawn space planned floor plan

This is great use of this space…

Left side of the room

Looking from the entrance, the fireplace

Wonderfully scaled chairs…

Looking from the entrance the right side of the room.

Close up of the sweet sofa used.


Using the same lanterns above… laying one area rug through the two spaces pulls it together.

Looking from the kitchen entrance to the full view of the room, this living room would be a great space to have a party of many people.