Thursday, December 31, 2009

How small is small…cosy condo @ xmas

I mentioned my skinny tree, well here it is…014

I love this tree, just fits the scale of our small condo and I still have lots of room for my favourite decorations…

Pearls   Tree Topper

 Heart King ring Key 1 Breast Cancer jem with velvet  006 Key 2 016 (2) 010 (2) Turtle Ring Ring

I love all the bling these give the tree

Livingroom Our Living room set up with an extra table to hold the salad bowl for dinner…

 Dining Area

The drapes in the living room are not up yet, I have not found the drapery rod I like…so we still have the old verticals up…I want to do it right so I have put up with them…but looking at this picture, I must go rod shopping soon and get my beautiful drapes up…


Sid Dickens Blocks…


This picture shows how close the dining table and the tree are to the living room, cosy condo…


HallwayFront door and hallway, after the holidays we are working on drilling a hole through the artwork for the peep hole in the door and screwing the the lady in the hat perfectly to the back of the door…


Door art Later

I hung the art from ribbons to see what it would look like, what do you think…art on a door yes or no?

Wreath _Bathroom Door

Wreath on the bathroom door…


Another shot of the dining area, behind the drape is my office, not ready to show you that mess…some other post maybe…


Looking from this angle you can see our bedroom door…with another wreath…

Last post for 2009, Happy New Year to my followers, thank you very much for leaving comments on my blog, they always make my day…


HAPPY NEW YEAR, from Calgary !

Regards, Carol Ann x

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009


Happy Holidays to all, I hope all the lovely gifts you so thoughtfully purchased this year, are well received…the holidays are about giving to the special people in your lives, I am looking forward to the looks on my girls faces this morning when they open their special gift…

Merry Ho Ho, Carol Ann x

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This change makes me smile…

Before: just to much window focal point for me…


After: Feels calm and understated…


So…what do you think?  I like drapery to be a lighter or deeper shade of the walls and calm to look at… I would love to have every ones opinion…

if I had the space…

Wish I had my own private laundry room to put this interesting Valet into…check it out here it’s fab…

Laundry Room Idea

This would make taking shirts out of the dryer a pleasure, if that’s possible. hehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lights on the Bushes


This is looking to the right side of our condo, pasted our patio to the bushes and beyond…we had a lot of snow here… there are lights in the bushes…they look so pretty peaking out from all that snow….


This is a straight on shot of the bushes from the condo…you can see the lights of the restaurant across the street…so great to live downtown with everything walking distance in a snow storm…spaghetti across the street and pancakes just around the corner…


This is looking to the right side of the patio…we have birds in that tree all summer…so nice to here the bird parties early in the morning…

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cutest elf in town…


Thought I would share my Christmas elf…I am so excited, we are going to our downtown locker tomorrow morning to get her and all her decoration friends to put on our skinny tree, we live in a very small condo…that’s all that fits. I will post pictures of the tree when it's up and done… Happy Jingle Bells everyone !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love Christmas…2007


This was Christmas 2007, I had so much fun with the animal print & black and white wrapping papers…used black ribbon and crystals on anything that did not move.


Christmas Dining Table, more animal print on chargers…and crowns used for napkin rings.  For flowers on the table, I used white carnations and large faux diamonds sprinkled on the flowers.


I love using a black table cloth, it is so dramatic, no one is expecting black and animal print for Christmas…

My problem this Christmas is finding a great wrapping paper…it is all red and green and snowmen… I will be out this weekend looking for animal print paper again, wish me luck!  

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Room Love…

Thought I would post a few pictures of rooms I love…no special order, just a fun post of pictures I really love.


This would be a great room for a cocktail party, two conversion areas in one room.


Outdoor room love and great private place to swim, to me this a everyday vacation spot in your own side yard…



This is my favourite picture on the web so far, not sure why, Just is! I can just feel a nap happening in this room.


Oh I can see having a bubble bath in this room, room love again, I would cover the mantel with candles, dim the lights and listen to music…are you with me?


Staircase love, love the orange wall and black stairs…I think my condo needs a orange wall…yes…maybe in the kitchen?