Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel Dream for a long weekend…

Abbesses Montmartre, Luxury 1 Bedroom, Paris Apartment Rental

My dream for a long weekend, to stay in a Paris Rental…

click here for a link

I have found a new place… enjoy


Really nice floor plan…


Loving this sweet living room & look at those amazing floors

ABB-LivingRmCouch Great Red sofa.


Loving the coffee table, looks like a marble insert top, nice.


Amazing artwork on the Fireplace wall.


Fresh flowers on the mantel, nice…


There is even a antique computer table next to the window with a view



I am inserting myself at this table, wine… tomato salad… fresh crusty bread… are you hungry yet.



Breakfast each morning with view of the Eiffel tower, oh my….



An inviting bed to fall into every evening after sight seeing all day.


Nice place to brush your teeth every morning



 ABB-SacreCoeurViewW-Window ABB-Balcon

I would have a glass of French wine every evening on this balcony

Hope you enjoyed my travel dream for a long weekend, back to reality…

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I thought I lost these…

Before and After pictures seem to get lost in my computers… I found a complete file of them the other day, I will share them in the next couple of weeks.





Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Training…True Colour Expert

As I mentioned a few posts ago, My BFF and Interior Design colleague Linda and I flew to Vancouver, BC  Canada to joint Maria Killam’s colour class.  She is without a doubt a true colour genius and a wonderful teacher !   You can find her in the blog world at http://colourmehappyblog.blogspot.com/

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to take her class in colour and become a True Colour Expert.

  I now look at colour in a very different way. 

True Colour Expert Logo

If anyone is interested click on her blog and sign up for the next class in

Atlanta-May 11-13, 2011   or    Vancouver June 23-25, 2011


We stayed at the Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel  in Vancouver, BC

We had a wonderful stay at the hotel (airport pickup) and if you are thinking of going by yourself there is a wonderful White Spot Restaurant in the lobby of the hotel.  Very safe for a lady on her own.



Linda Carol Ann & Maria Killam

Linda, Carol Ann & Maria Killam

Class together

Class of February 2011, wonderful ladies one and all !  Linda and I had a wonderful time and so learned a lot. 

If you are reading this Maria, thank you from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful 3 days of learning and laughter… x

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paris Rental - a dream for tomorrow

Livingstone Penthouse…Montmartre Penthouse Studio

dream for tomorrow, to stay in a Paris Rental…click here to go to link...

I have picked one…


just for a few days, this would work for sure, after all I would not be inside very often…


I am sure I would do a little cooking, ok maybe just toast and coffee in the mornings…


But I could cook if I wanted to….


For sure I would use the washer and dryer a few times…


I would love to have a glass of wine sitting at this little table late into the evening looking out onto the view outside….




Loving the idea of reading in bed early in the morning with a cup of tea…


Don’t know about you but I love a pedestal sink, this one looks like a truly old one…


And a deep bath with bubbles and a glass of wine…


Close up of the sink shows the wonderful tiles they used on the wall…

LIV-ViewSacreCoeur LIV-SacreCoeurWideView

I am loving the view, looks like there just might be an interesting street view below…

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my dream for tomorrow…

Back to floor plans and clients, but it was fun to dream….