Tuesday, December 11, 2012

diy tables…

I just received the gift catalogue from Anthropologie, a store I love to shop at. 

I noticed interesting tables holding gifts, a few years ago Martha Stewart described making a console table in a similar way.


Here are the instructions,

Perfect for your entrance way, this demi-lune console is actually something you can create at home!

1.  Start with a round or oval dining table with leaves.  Check your garage, attic or thrift shops for the perfect candidate!

2.  Separate the table where the leaves are usually inserted.  Remove any additional hardware that protrudes beyond the straight edge of the table.

3.  Using a mounting cleat or heavy duty L-brackets, mount the table flat edge against the wall (connecting with a stud or using strong anchors).

4. Leave the table natural or paint depending on your look and you’re done!


Now to the tables I found in the Anthropologie catalogue.

 cut table 1

This one has been attached to the wall and kept only 1 leg.

cut table 2

This one uses three legs.

What do you think?  Would you take an old table and do this in your home?

I think I will keep my eyes wide open next time I’m at a garage sale or my local thrift store. If I find an interesting piece that would work and I just might have to try this for my own home…

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Design… so good !

Sharing a few of Candace Olsen rooms with you all… this is how you do it right people, notice the size of the area rugs… enjoy the many great idea’s

Industrial warmth, the 2 metal dressers as TV stands on the back wall, great focal point… this rug could have been a bit larger…

Bright and fun… wrapping the floors, walls and ceiling in white enlarges this room. Rug not to dark…

So loving the pink accents, large rug again.


Large rug, pop of colour with the pink wall…


Notice the drapery rods are all at the same height… extra large rug…




Must have been a custom rug used, enlarges the room…