Friday, July 31, 2009

Client Presentation July 31,2009

Today’s presentation, wish me luck…I will pick the lamps and artwork this morning to finish off the room…that was this morning…


Back from work, all went very well, client loved and purchased it all… I will now add the pictures of the lamps and artwork I added to finish off the room.

10 floor plan

Theatre Room and Reading Room, click on plan to enlarge…


Close up of the wall to wall carpet in the room.

Paint on the walls Benjamin Moore “Turret” - CC-604

chair_482 Matinee Theatre Seating

“Matinee” Theatre Seating in Dark Brown Leather.


“Kiefer” Sleeper Sofa in a taupe micro with a herringbone pattern.

E 933216 F 952316

Pillows on the sofa, larger ones for the pop of colour and smaller ones to speak back to the chairs and ottoman.


2  American Journal End Tables from Kincaid in the Blackberry finish. I always use black tables when there are too many finishes in the room or I cannot exactly match the a finish.


Uttermost Lamps on each end table, which is going to look like a million bucks on the black finish tables.


Leather storage ottoman on casters, in same leather as theatre seating above.


Talbot Chair F 952316 Talbot Chair F 952316

2  Talbot chairs, side by side.

Leather Allegra Chair Talbot Ottoman

Repeating the Dark Brown Leather on a Allegra chair and Talbot ottoman is matching fabric as the chairs and pillows.


18”D Accent table from Hammary with a Blackstone top and iron legs, sits beside the allegra chair.


Uttermost Floor Lamp beside the allegra chair, behind the round accent table.

Alexandria BK Ant Black_920 038

2 Howard Miller Bookcases/Ty Pennington designer… one on each side of the fireplace…see picture below, they are going to look wonderful.


Artwork…called “Burnt Orange Dish” it is a ceramic plate attached to the center of the frame


I can just see the artwork over the fireplace and the bookcases on each side, the art is wild and will give the fireplace just the right amount of pop…

This was fun, I hope you enjoyed looking at my work as much as I enjoyed posting it…


Carol Ann xx

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things that inspire

Today I am doing my second to last client room presentation before going on my vacation…and have a few moments to post…

Now the words “Things that inspire” come to mind when I go to all of your blogs but today want to say it is not a thing that inspires me today.

Today it was Joni Webb from the blog “Cote de Texas” 

click link here 

 Miss Gracious Living

Today as always…Joni’s blog inspired me…to carry on no matter how much discount a client wants after all my work…

Imagine after getting a free designer (with purchase of your room)after you love the new floor plan, love all the fabrics for all the new soft seating with an area rug to pull it all together…I used her tables (I do not do that often), love the one new table, love the new lamps that contrast her tables properly, a fabulous piece of art over the fireplace (I do not like mirrors up there they only reflect the ceiling)…now after all that she wants a 25% discount on the lot…

I was questioning what I do last night until this morning when I visited Joni’s website and saw all the beautiful rooms…that is what I do this for, I thought…Thank you Joni Webb !  Thank you for reminding my job is worth while and that I do love my job…Ready to carry on now with my next client…this new room is amazing…I am good to go…

Love you Joni Webb !

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sandra Bullock

Happy Birthday,

to my favourite actress Sandra Bullock

I was on the internet looking for a way to email her today to say Happy Birthday… I could not find a way to do it so I decided to blog a message to her…

If it was possible I would have her over for Tea and Cake…

cakeAnd there would be balloons


SandraBulloc_Cohen_16819143 sandra-bullock-0047

I would send her home with this beautiful arrangement of flowers…


Just my way of thanking Sandra for all the enjoyable hours watching her movies…my fav… “The Net”