Friday, July 14, 2017

Best Mantel Colour for Red Brick...

This was my clients fireplace the day I measured for her new furniture… nice, pleasant to look at… the art is nice over the mantel… but the fireplaces overall look could be better…

Bless my clients heart, she did not mind me suggesting a new colour for the mantel… as I always do,  I mention to cover it in black paper or black painted cardboard… she used black garbage bags to see what it would look like painted black, whatever works I say…

She said she thought, yes that does look better... time to paint...
Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10  its just the nicest black for mantels, doors, windows …
Well this is it… the mantel painted... it looks amazing !

My client loves it, the black just balanced the top with the dark grey black tiles... look how much better the art looks !
Amazing what a quart of Benjamin Moore Onyx 2133-10 can do!

Friday, February 17, 2017

How to Purchase the Right Scaled Art...

Have you ever wondered how an interior designer shops for art ?

She or he works out the floor plan first, knows where the art is going and over what ?
 (sofa, console, dining wall, fireplace mantel)
with this measurement they look for a piece that will go, not the right size they move on,
looking for the right size and look,
but most important the right size...

We shop with the measurements all worked out, when your shopping and see an amazing piece.. your heart skips a beat ... stop and get out your measurements, is it the size you are looking for ?  
Is it in the right measurement range?

 Yes, you are having a good day...

 No, not in the width range...

put it down walk away, do not think about it...just walk away....
it will never make you happy over your sofa !!!

so this is the RECIPE

width or height (of item) divided by 5 = answer
answer  x 3 = width or height  your looking for

So the sofa width is 80"
80 divided by 5 = 16
16 x 3 = 48
your measurement you are looking for is 48" to 50"

this art is very nice... but to small, the sofa wall will never look just right
now it works for the height of the artwork too
Height of the wall, 96" (most homes, but make sure to measure just in case its taller)
Height of the sofa, Laurel in the picture 39" tall
96 - 39 = 57
this leaves 57" above the sofa for the height of the art
57 divided by 5 = 11.4"
11.4 x 3 =34.2
Now the height of the artwork needs to be 34 to 36" high

its an easy calculation to work out the art size

out shopping for this room above

48 to 50" wide X 34 to 36" high

and it is placed 5" above the back of the sofa, centered over the sofa

and your done...

ps, foot note to this rule... if you are looking for more than one piece of art... have all your measurements worked out so if the heart stopping piece you find doesn't work over the sofa, it just might be just the thing for another wall... if you have your list of sizes worked out you will be bringing home the one you fell in love with, a totally lucky day !

Have fun shopping with your measurements in your pocket or purse... working it out in advance will make your day if you find the perfect piece, I promise !!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Share....

Amazing place to cook, open for guests to watch and talk to the cook.
Looking to the back of the condo, the living room looks like an wonderful space to hang out with a coffee & read or visit with guests...

could move right into this condo
Firm: Selldork Architects  - site NoHo  Photo by Bartek Sherman

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Client: 232

Another pleased client... needed a new look & a new colour... no more brown ...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Surprize ! there's no place for a mirror... oh yes there is !

Did you ever buy a house only to notice on move in day
 the space above the sink for an amazing mirror
 is a window, surprize
well these pictures will change that problem for you...

they fix the problem, open the light for sure...

and give your bath or powder room a totally special look...
Your the lucky one, enjoy !

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Client: 231

Client wanted a soft look using ivory and purple...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

waiting on the counter top….

The kitchen is in… our plumber installed a temporary counter top & installed the sink…

the measurement for the counter tops has been done and we have been given a 1 month timeline until its in Calgary from Quebec…


after that I will be bringing home back splash tiles (subway tiles) this gives me time to find the ones I think will work…

I want to see the whole counter top design before I order the tiles…hoping it is not to busy for the tiles I like, fingers crossed, it hard to imagine the look from a 12” sample…DSCN1737DSCN1738


we have amazing drawers for pots, no more digging out pots on my hands and knees…



cute hidden place for the dish brushes…


check out the coreguard inside cupboard, we will never never have mold under the sink again !!! ever !

And it just looks great !


drawers on this side too ! heaven !


we are loving this pull out pantry… such a good use of space !


our plumber reattached the old sink, taps and counter top to the bathroom vanity…


this mirror and light will be going too…  I am having a custom mirror made to be between the 2 new lamps I ordered yesterday….

this is it, The Kent Sconce from Restoration Hardware…

kent light from restoration hardware

is this beautiful or what, one on each side of the mirror, heaven !

next … looking for a new floor for the kitchen, wish me luck I find the right colour of grey… they all seem to have a purple undertone…

Friday, April 24, 2015

a hotel stay that changes your home…

What happens when you go to a hotel for 4 days because your kitchen is having its mold removed ?  You fall in love with the floor tiles and wall tiles in the hotel room bath….

We were not planning on changing the tiles around the tub… just the vanity and the floor, ok a new counter top with a cool sink and faucet…  but nothing else for now … ya sure !

Then we stayed at the Fairmount Palliser Hotel


this is our favourite hotel in Calgary …


this is the nicest (old CP hotel) hotel ever…


so this is the floor tile…24” x 24” … amazing, right?


this is the wall tile… makes my heart skip a beat…


large 23” wide x 12” high tiles, just amazing !


Loving this tap configuration, still looking for this ! if anyone has seen this anywhere please let me know…x



nice sink, we have picked this sink and tap for our vanity top….


we are both in love with this sink…. our counter top will be a formica  180 fx a copy of calacatta marble same as the kitchen…


Well when you fall in love with a tile from a hotel what do you do?  you Google tiles, hotel design and after a few hours you find a new company in your town, a nice website so you click on their Facebook page and scowl down… and guess what you find ? you find pictures of the tiles used and bathroom pictures of the Palliser Hotel, my heart stopped, I could not believe my luck ! I found my tiles !!!

 click here : Porcelanosa

pallister bathrooms from facebook

we ordered the tiles a few days ago, they will be in Calgary in a few days…

The other tiles I am still looking for are copies of the back splash tiles in the Starbucks attached to the hotel basement… I will find them ! I now I will…


totally love these tiles for our Kitchen backsplash, its only time until I find them too !


Want to see what your living room looks like when it’s full of Kraftmaid kitchen boxes?  well it looks like this …


Fun, living in this for 2 weeks while we fixed mold and had the floor tiles removed…

I will keep you in the loop with pictures of the install… soon !

New Kitchen & Bathroom…happy, happy, joy joy !

this is what our kitchen looked like when we moved in a few years ago….

kitchen 01

Left side….


Right side….

you might think, it looks ok…

and that is what I thought when we bought the condo… I always new we would do something special with it, new doors maybe…well the doors are all over painted with drips etc… not well done at all, counters are old Formica painted over… and under the sink has mold… waters been off for 5 months, not something I recommend… lol

We have put up with it all for 6 years now, time for a new kitchen…


so we did it, we when to Home Depot and worked with a Kitchen designer… and ordered a New Kitchen !


It is Kraftmaid, Black onyx……

these are the drawings

Left Side, to the ceiling !Makely_sink1

with a set of 3 drawers on the left Makely_sink2


Right side, up to ceiling with special pull out food closet !


and another set of 3 drawers on the stove side too !



After ordering, we have 8 weeks to get ready, we started with painting the ceiling… blue, I have always wanted a blue ceiling…


this is the back wall with shelving and artwork…


so we covered it all, why I’m not sure but we did.



our cat coco must inspect all our work



she loves to check out everything we do…


blue on the ceiling did not have to go to the far left because the new cupboards are going to the ceiling




right side done

Colour Benjamin Moore, 2138-60 Gray Cashmere


Next was the floor, I have always told clients….. never live or design around someone else's tiles, flooring, wall to wall carpet etc. that you do not like. 

You will never truly love your new room if you do that, never !

so people the floor just had to go……

Before… with the taped up moldy under sink cupboard….


bye, bye bad tiles and grout…


After, down to concrete….




Now the tile started at the front door, into the bathroom and kitchen…

Entrance hallway, before


After, all tiles gone… we are back to concrete !


now we did have one other problem with the kitchen… mold under the sink… so we left the condo for 4 days (staying at a hotel) and had a special company take out the whole cupboard on the bottom sink left side of the kitchen…

right side sink wall

then had an electrician redo all the weird bits of switches…

a plumber redo the water lines that were just pulled off by the mold cleaning company….leaving them a mess…

and then we had it covered in new blue gypsum

 drywall done

Bathroom floor





now as you can see above the vanity in the bathroom is original to the condo… so it is going too…  to be replaced by a match to the kitchen… again happy dance for sure, right ?




this was to be the vanity but they could not do drawers on one side so it will be 2 doors …

that's all for now, I will keep you in the loop and let you know how things are going in the next few days