Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tiny Home... 2 different room layouts !

Tiny Home... you read that right, I worked out 2 totally different layouts with all the same pieces... not easy to do ... most times I cannot do it...  so check it out...

This is the space I was asked to design, as you can see it is small, the space needed  to seat 4 people at-least. 

From the picture you can see the space I had to work with was from the fireplace to the windows keeping enough room in front of the kitchen to work in the kitchen, and that refrigerator door need to open with out any problems.

So... not much room at all.  I am always up for a challenge, working out the puzzle of a floor plan is totally what I live for, no joke... I love working on floor plans!

So the client had picked out a loveseat she found comfortable in blue leather... that is all I got.. working with the clients measurements (covid we are not going into homes at the moment) and a few pictures that gave me an idea of the colours of wood in the room I went to work...

started with the leather loveseat from La-Z-Boy (Colby from the Duo Collection) you would never know its a total reclining piece... 

picked a fabric for the pillows that repeated the outdoors with the leaves...


picked a very small dining chair from Canadel that also worked for visitors hanging out visiting or dining ! the distressed wood finish I used was close to the stain on the lower walls and the blue fabric worked with the pillow fabric.

again from Canadel I found small enough tables 18" wide ... I needed 2   I picked the same wood finish as the kitchen cupboards knowing I was going to use an area rug on the floor for contrast

cute lamps I used on each table... just the right touch !

used my favorite wood topped benchs from Canadel for little coffee tables ... I used 2

I love these little 18"x18" benchs ... use them all the time for coffee tables in very small rooms. if you are looking for them they are under benchs not stools on their website

this is the small round table with a leaf that I picked from Canadel, pictures above show closed and open, it will work for 2 people using the blue chairs above or for 4 people with the leaf using the 2 chairs and the 2 benchs as seats since they are meant to be sat on. 

heres the look of the table with chairs

then the wonderful rug to put it all together !  

the client and I picked this rug from Loloi, it is a Magnolia Home rug from Joanna Gaines called Lucca it had the navy colour from the leather and the sofa oaky colour of the walls and floors... and its a traditional look that works with the look of his tiny home.

Room Layout # 1 

looking at the kitchen but feels totally open and says welcome come hang out with a cup of tea and talk.

Room Layout # 2 using all the same pieces welcomes you to look out to the view with your feet up reclining with room for visitors to be with you chatting.

Here is the Storyboard to show it all together...

that was my first Tiny Home... hoping its not my last...

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