Friday, March 26, 2010

Reminder…Tomorrow is Earth Hour!

It has come around again…

“Tomorrow is Earth Hour!”

We are only one day away from being a part of what is probably going to be the largest environmental movement in history – Earth Hour 2010!                 Canada’s participation is expected to exceed last year’s record breaking year and globally we are aiming to reach 1 billion people worldwide. 

This year we will be turning out the lights, tv, computer, etc like last year…. we will have wine and french onion soup and play cards by candle light… we might leave the lights out for the rest of the evening and keep playing cards, we so enjoyed ourselves last year… & the wine. lol

Make sure you remember to turn out your lights tomorrow night (Saturday, the 27th) at 8:30 p.m. for Earth Hour!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you, Layla & Kevin

I feel the major need this morning………….. to thank Layla & Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage for the gift of wonderful songs…

KEVLAYLOVE Cutest Couple on the Planet

A few days ago I was on their blog looking at videos of House Tours and this interesting and wonderful music was playing… something about fireflies…

A day later when the song would not leave my head I looked it up on You Tube…(so I did not have to bother anyone, by asking) and I found it… click on this Owl City 

Owl City Front Cover

So this weekend I went out looking for my copy of the album…yes I know it is a CD, but I still call them albums because I can! 

The whole album is wonderful, we listened to it instead of Sirius Satellite Radio all weekend…and that is saying something trust me…

So thank you Layla and Kevin….

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colour Trends “Pink City”

Pittsburgh Paints 2010 trend called Pink City is mysterious, exotic, sensual and eclectic…it is the allure of warm, saturated colours.


A palette composed of vibrant, profound Indian pink and spicy rusty orange with off-white linen white.  Stony grey and chocolate brown reflect an urban look and ground the palette.


Pink City design is crushed velvet, textured and layered materials…Leather, chenille, and prints.  Dark woods, rattan and tortoise shell.



Colour #’s from top

234-6  525-7  226-7  414-2  419-5 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Colour Trends “ZEST”

Pittsburgh Paint says, Zest is playful, fashionable, spirited, and sassy… pure concentrated happiness to rev up your decor…if you are not afraid to make a bold statement with your home Zest is for you…


Zest Design is geometric forms, quirky shapes and bright finishes.  Patterns, transparency, lacquer, angular and faceted cuts…with high gloss objects.



A palette of energy yellow, pure fresh white, paired with steely gray, pale gray…then sleek black that leaves boring far behind.


Colour #’s from top

212-4   517-4  520-7  517-2  520-1

Friday, March 19, 2010

Colour Trend – Grace

This is the next colour story I so love from Pittsburgh Paints… wonderful paint and great little swatches of paint colours to work with… if you are looking for a colour story for a room, Pittsburgh Paint swatches are for you

This one is called “Grace”

I so see why… metals, mirrored surfaces, silks and jacquards… add in cashmere, damask and crystals…




Colour #’s from the top

402-3  214-7  515-3  213-3  115-1

Great mix of colour for a bedroom….

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Colour Trends…Canvas

Pittsburgh Paints puts out trend colours each year…
I do not work for them I just love their paint and their colour stories… I will share them with you…
I am loving this trend they call “CANVAS”





Colour #’s from the top

516-4  415-3  515-6  517-5  315-1

Great soft palate to work with, minimalism you can live in, adding colour in small dashes works so well… love the purse on the bench.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Funny, Funny, Funny

Go Canada !

Want to see the funniest commercials on tv and even funnier bloopers,
check this out...
Click on this below

17 Days. 2730 Athletes. 2000 Vehicles.
then click on the box that comes up "outtakes"
enjoy people, enjoy

Watch the commercials first & then the bloopers...

I can not watch them without tears of laughter...

I was so missing these till I found them online... again Go Canada !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

She won, she won, she won

I am so pleased I cannot tell you…



Love, Love, Love her dress…


“The Blind Side”

Congratulations Sandra… you are the best!

Who gave you that? dress? to wear…


One of my favourite evenings of television is on tonight, I have the champagne in the fridge (ok it’s Baby Canadian Champagne but that’s ok) and my favourite place on the loveseat picked out, I have my fingers crossed for my Sandra to win…but I would still be ok with Meryl having the Oscar too… ;)

Enjoy the show…

Friday, March 5, 2010

Lofts Done Presentation March 4, 2010

Floor Plan

Loft area for tv watching and computer using…


Clients inspiration artwork for the loft… I embraced the colour of the frame when looking for pillow accents…

Camden Black Desk and File Cabinet L 959850 Fabric

Desk and file cabinet at the top of the stairs… above the desk on the wall I specked a yard of pillow fabric to be purchased to cover a bulletin board. Great shot of colourful art on the wall and so useful…

Desk Lamp and Clock Desk lamp & clock…

Task Lamp_ Cyndel_29899-1___42H This lamp can be raised or lowered to suit my clients needs for light on the desk…

Sofa and Pillow & Cord

Specked the pillows with black cord

Hamilton sofa_431 A890766 p1 L959850 c1 138

Hamilton ottoman_431_ A890766 Leg finish 021

As you can see in the floor plan, the ottoman placed in front of the sofa seat will make a chaise for my client to enjoy while watching a movie.

L 959850 Fabric 5 dollar accent pillow

20” pillows in the fun floral and round velvet pillow I found in our $5.00 pillow bin…how sweet is this accent pillow and how sweet was the price!

68029c Table for end table

Table to the left of the sofa and lamp I specked to use on top.

Colors Clover Leaf Table in Onyx Finish_T2059215-22

Clover Leaf shaped table I specked for the other side of sofa.

68035 Blackberry%20Finish10

TV cabinet I specked in the blackberry finish.