Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Millon gets you want in Calgary….?

Look what’s for sale in Alberta, Canadian…

Looks a little cowboy ? Right you are, this is Calgary…

If you have a need for a penthouse in downtown Calgary, here’s the link to



Get party house


Loving the hide sided chairs


Best party kitchen


Cooking with a view of the foothills




I’m betting this is the longest table in the city (that’s all one piece of tree, no extensions)




Not sure I could get alot of work done without drapery beside that view…






Day time view of downtown


view of Stampede Grounds


View to the foothills


This is the time of day I would really love the view and this condo…


If you have 10 million, give the

a call, and if you are view in person I would love to go with you for a closer look.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stars… for little people

I found the most interesting lights on Restoration Hardware,

Baby & Child   click here 


Good or what!  This room stopped me, and it takes alot for that to happen….so loving this room…






What do you think?  A little costly for sure but I would totally do this for my kids if they were still little and lived with us….

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Camping anyone…

Now I know that it is going to snow this weekend… at least in Calgary anyway but I just needed to share this amazing camping room…

camping anyone

I would camp here anytime…

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday room of the day


Eatons 9th floor Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This was my favourite restaurant years ago… wish it was still in operation… x

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Paul, thanks for the music

Ordered my copy today from

Coming out Nov 15, 2013, should see my copy by Nov 22…

NEW  Paul McCartney Oct 2013

so looking forward to my copy of NEW… from Paul McCartney xxx

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hope you like this estate… it’s for sale after 74 years


This home is amazing, set up for sale, pictures show it could have been designed today, built in 1939… by Bob Hope

It’s listed at 27.5 million, it will be interesting to see who purchases it…


The eight bedroom, eight bath estate spans 14,876 square feet, and sits on more than five acres. 

According to the LA Times, Richard Nixon’s helicopter once landed on the back lawn so the president could play a round at the nearby Lakeside Golf Club, and Lucille Ball and Jack Benny drank and gossiped at the holiday parties in the living room. Hope left the home to his wife, Dolores, when he passed away in 2003, two months after his 100th birthday. When Mrs. Hope passed away in 2011, it passed to their family members under the Dolores Hope Trust.

13-706429_1 13-706429_8_1 13-706429_4_1

According to the listing, the original English Traditional main house was designed by architect Robert Finkelhor, & then remodelled in the 1950′s by architect John Elgin Woolf.

It comes with a guest house, staff quarters, indoor pool and spa, billiard room, bar, and chef’s kitchen. The master suite includes his and hers bedrooms, baths, closets and a shared study.

13-706429_5_1 13-706429_6_1

13-706429_7_1 13-706429_16_1 13-706429_9_1 13-706429_10_1 13-706429_11_1 13-706429_12_1 13-706429_13_1 13-706429_14_1 13-706429_15_1 13-706429_49_0 13-706429_17_1 13-706429_18_1 13-706429_19_1 13-706429_20_1 13-706429_21_1 13-706429_22_1 13-706429_23_1 13-706429_24_1 13-706429_25_1 13-706429_26_1 13-706429_27_1 13-706429_28_1 13-706429_29_1 13-706429_30_1 13-706429_31_1 13-706429_32_1 13-706429_33_1 13-706429_34_1

The grounds include an outdoor pool, sprawling lawns, a golf course and pristine gardens.

13-706429_35_1 13-706429_36_1 13-706429_37_1 13-706429_38_1 13-706429_39_1 13-706429_40_1 13-706429_41_1 13-706429_42_1 13-706429_43_0 13-706429_44_0 13-706429_45_0 13-706429_46_0 13-706429_47_0 13-706429_48_0 13-706429_52_0