Friday, April 6, 2012

Tiffany & Co introduces their new RUBEDO™ metal in 1837™ designs

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28673078_M_OVER28138385_M_OVER_1 28137575_M_OVER_M_2 28138318_M_OVER_2 28138377_M_OVER_1 28672411_M_OVER_1

Created to honour the date of their founding, the Tiffany 1837™ collection defines chic and is stamped with Tiffany's 19th-century hallmarks. In honour of their 175th anniversary, the new RUBEDO™ metal was just introduced in a limited-edition series of Tiffany 1837™ designs.    link to video

Tiffany’s sends the greatest emails, this mornings was Easter Egg Necklaces…

25704797_M_OVER_M_3 24090787_l_over_M_310917255_M_OVER_M_3 11458297_M_OVER_M_3 11458351_l_over_M_3   tiffany-blue-box 

they would look wonderful inside a little blue box… just saying….

Now I must say I fall in love with these emails they send and visit often… 2 weeks ago for little piece.

28672101_M_OVER_1   A RUBEDO™ metal pendant

it goes with my two rings…

25923804_M_OVER 26071038_M_OVER

they were birthday presents…

now I’m I crazy to want to add…

28673078_M_OVER to my fingers?

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