Wednesday, April 4, 2012

no time design….


Use Stacked Books As Tables: Display a vase or a small statue.

If bookshelf space is limited or you have indulged yourself with too many great books, this is a great way to store books elsewhere while still giving them function.


Colour Block Books: Coordinated books add punch to white shelves and collectibles.

On of my favourite designers and blogger Michael Penney organized the bookshelves in his Toronto apartment according to the colour of the book spines. This is a fun way to add pops of colour to a room, and gives your shelves a sense of order. Spend a rainy weekend afternoon organizing your shelves for a fast decorating fix.


Arrange Flowers In Vintage Cans: Swap vases for unexpected vessels.

Find interesting cans at garage sales, flea markets or value village and make them into eclectic vases for flowers or houseplants. I find small glasses or vases for water vessel inside… For deep cans, add some crumpled newspaper to the bottom to elevate the plant a bit.



Paint Window Frames Black: Draw attention to windows with dramatic trim.

Since windows are a natural focal point, they’re a great spot for an unexpected hit of colour. And it doesn't take long to apply a few coats of dark paint to window trim.



Arrange Groupings: Softly-tinted glass bottles add impact when grouped together.

"Putting likes with like — grouping art on a wall, displaying vases on one buffet or console, arranging a collection of small scale objects on a mantel, this has more visual impact that scattering them around your home. This delicate and colourful arrangement of glass bottles in various shapes and sizes offer contrast to the clean lines of the window and metal table. Try a similar arrangement with objects you already own: vases, jars, bottles, jewellery dishes, or vintage teacups are just a few examples.



Paint Old Frames For A Gallery Wall: Create cohesion by painting mix-and-match frames one colour.

"Paint out a bunch of cheap thrifty mismatched frames in one colour to create a gallery wall.  When the frames are all one colour, feel free to display different styles of art — landscapes with portraits, black and white with colour, objects in shadow boxes with contemporary photography — anything goes!

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