Saturday, April 28, 2012

Church to Home…

Below is a gorgeous Georgian church in England that has been renovated into a home…


The only thing a little weird are the headstones on the lawn… I would not be having family BBQ’s out there for sure…


This is the entrance, I am thinking a little bit of colour pulled from the stained glass windows would have been amazing in this hallway…


The living room, a much larger area rug to anchor the living area is all this needs…



Not sure where the kitchen is located in the floor plan but this is nice…


The dining area is between the living room and the can be curtained off master bedroom, check out the small strings of lights above… having dinner in this room must be magical…prime rib anyone ?


The master bedroom, I am so loving the use of the giant candle sticks, I think I would add a few more…


An amazing staircase


Loving the painted stone


This looks like a cosy place to sleep


To have a bath in this room must be wonderful, I would have candles going in front of the stained glass windows.

Hope you enjoyed this church to home post, could you live in an old church ?  I would love to at least have an opportunity to design the interior of one for sure…

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