Saturday, April 28, 2012

Live long and prosper, little shuttle

The U.S. space shuttle Enterprise atop a Boeing 747 jet for a final flyover of New York City as it heads toward a museum where it will go on display.
2012-04-27T193322Z_5_CBRE83Q18QZ00_RTROPTP_2_USA The pair left Dulles International Airport early yesterday & flew over the New York skyline before landing at the John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The prototype Enterprise, the first shuttle ever built, was completed in 1976 and was used only for atmospheric test flights the following year, so it never flew in space like the other five members of the fleet.
Enterprise is leaving its prior home at a Washington area aviation museum, where the shuttle Discovery last week took its place, and piggybacking aboard a special NASA plane flew over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty among other landmarks…
2012-04-27T193322Z_5_CBRE83Q18RD00_RTROPTP_2_USA-SHUTTLE 2012-04-27T193322Z_5_CBRE83Q18RJ00_RTROPTP_2_USA-SHUTTLE_empire state building

I once, years ago saw one of the shuttles piggybacked on a 747 do a fly over Montreal, Quebec… some where I have a picture my father took of them over Dorval International Airport.

It is a sight you just never forget…

Live long and prosper, Enterprise
Live long and prosper… xxx