Saturday, April 25, 2015

waiting on the counter top….

The kitchen is in… our plumber installed a temporary counter top & installed the sink…

the measurement for the counter tops has been done and we have been given a 1 month timeline until its in Calgary from Quebec…


after that I will be bringing home back splash tiles (subway tiles) this gives me time to find the ones I think will work…

I want to see the whole counter top design before I order the tiles…hoping it is not to busy for the tiles I like, fingers crossed, it hard to imagine the look from a 12” sample…DSCN1737DSCN1738


we have amazing drawers for pots, no more digging out pots on my hands and knees…



cute hidden place for the dish brushes…


check out the coreguard inside cupboard, we will never never have mold under the sink again !!! ever !

And it just looks great !


drawers on this side too ! heaven !


we are loving this pull out pantry… such a good use of space !


our plumber reattached the old sink, taps and counter top to the bathroom vanity…


this mirror and light will be going too…  I am having a custom mirror made to be between the 2 new lamps I ordered yesterday….

this is it, The Kent Sconce from Restoration Hardware…

kent light from restoration hardware

is this beautiful or what, one on each side of the mirror, heaven !

next … looking for a new floor for the kitchen, wish me luck I find the right colour of grey… they all seem to have a purple undertone…

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