Sunday, June 3, 2012

Design…better than any magazine !!!

The blog world is full of Interior Design Blogs, but I have one true favourite… I look forward to reading it everyday !

Maria Killam’s Blog  Colour Me Happy  is a wonderful gem…

I truly hope she doesn’t mind…. But I really must show you what she accomplished with her new home in just a few weeks… your not going to believe this….

The greatest before and after I have seen in years, better than any magazine or tv design show !

before as it looked when she bought the home


This is what it looked like when she toured the home, not bad as homes go right

before empty with carpet and railing


Empty the way it looked the day she took possession, still nice… Most of us would have just moved in and call it a day, right, not Maria…

during with the railing down and new stairs and flooring


The carpet & railings had to go, the stairs needed to be extended wall to wall and a wonderful new floor need to be installed for Maria’s vision of her new room…

Nice soft painted walls and trim with a blue ceiling…

Are you ready… check this out below

after best design I have seen in years


Great right, just amazing design !

Want to know why it works so well, this is how to design a room properly with colour… the colours you use should move your eye around the room & from one room to the other.

The repeat of the yellow around the room, sofa, pillow, small table and great dining chairs….

The repeat of the black…carpet, pillow on the sofa and the black stripe on the back of dining chairs…

The repeat of the white…pillows, chairs, coffee table and dining chairs..

The repeat of the green…pillows on the sofa, artwork beside the fireplace and the lamps in the dining area

Great Job, Maria… if anyone I know deserves their own home it’s you…


  1. Thanks so much for sharing! Need better pictures eventually :)

  2. Love Maria and agree that her recent post, showing her lovely home is just wonderful!

  3. Maria's blog was one of the very first I ever read - she is very talented and her house is absolutely beautiful. You are right, a great 'before and after'!