Monday, February 21, 2011

Office of the week…

office wall above

Love the design of this office area. 7 boxes with doors, 3 open boxes and you have storage and art pieces above your desk.  Below that a wire pulled straight to clip inspiration and important notes.  Desk not wide enough ? Add a furniture piece just a few inches lower that tucks in so it looks to the eye that it’s all one.  Add an interesting chair, a great lamp, a few pen tins and you have a wonderful laptop landing pad…

Comments? Could you work from this desk?


  1. Love this for it's aesthetic overall feel, but especially for it's function! Books available at one's finger tip's too. :) Great inspiration.

  2. What a great office! I am obsessed with home offices right now...I could look at them all day! Personally think I would need more desk space ( I like to work draw, design, plot & use the computer at the same time). My ideal would be a large dining table but my office isn't large enough. I need a deep desk - at least 30" to accommodate my large MAC. I do love your advice of adding the furniture to the side and I love that Ikea Alex drawer system - I want that ... but unfortunately I am out of room. The boxes are great and LOVE the wire with the clips.