Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look what’s on the showroom floor @ La-Z-Boy


It’s from Hammary Furniture… I think I need to rethink my living room design and make room for one of these ! 

What do you think ?  Are you loving it as much as I am ?

Now if you need a sofa, how about Metro in Silver Leather ?  It’s on our showroom floor too…


Below are all the other pieces in the Structure line

 T3002000-00 T3002021-00 T3002032-00 T3002037-00 T3002042-00 T3002046-00  T3002085-00 T3002086-00 T3002087-00

It needs to be said,

La-z-boy is not only your grandfathers recliner anymore…

Comments anyone ?


  1. Hi Carol Ann, wow, I love that easel!!! And the silver sofa is crazy! You are so funny. It was soooo nice meeting you today - you are such a lovely sweetie and I am glad we finally met!!! We will have to do it again and wish I were coming to Vancouver with you. Have fun and learn lots!

    xo TErri

  2. You know. I may need to buy one of these as I don't readily have a TV in my living room. Are they expensive?

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. somewhere in the 1099.99 cdn if my memory serves me well...