Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lights on the Bushes


This is looking to the right side of our condo, pasted our patio to the bushes and beyond…we had a lot of snow here… there are lights in the bushes…they look so pretty peaking out from all that snow….


This is a straight on shot of the bushes from the condo…you can see the lights of the restaurant across the street…so great to live downtown with everything walking distance in a snow storm…spaghetti across the street and pancakes just around the corner…


This is looking to the right side of the patio…we have birds in that tree all summer…so nice to here the bird parties early in the morning…


  1. Wow such a fabulous winter wonderland you have at home!! Lucky, it's just raining here! Merry Christmas! xo Maria

  2. How Beautiful!! I love snow at Christmas. Seasons greetings to you.
    Keep warm,

  3. Oh, very pretty! David takes care of outdoor lighting at our house, but I do not care for how he does it. What can I say? I would prefer simple classic lights like this! Then again, I am just happy he takes an interest and does something!! xo Terri