Thursday, December 31, 2009

How small is small…cosy condo @ xmas

I mentioned my skinny tree, well here it is…014

I love this tree, just fits the scale of our small condo and I still have lots of room for my favourite decorations…

Pearls   Tree Topper

 Heart King ring Key 1 Breast Cancer jem with velvet  006 Key 2 016 (2) 010 (2) Turtle Ring Ring

I love all the bling these give the tree

Livingroom Our Living room set up with an extra table to hold the salad bowl for dinner…

 Dining Area

The drapes in the living room are not up yet, I have not found the drapery rod I like…so we still have the old verticals up…I want to do it right so I have put up with them…but looking at this picture, I must go rod shopping soon and get my beautiful drapes up…


Sid Dickens Blocks…


This picture shows how close the dining table and the tree are to the living room, cosy condo…


HallwayFront door and hallway, after the holidays we are working on drilling a hole through the artwork for the peep hole in the door and screwing the the lady in the hat perfectly to the back of the door…


Door art Later

I hung the art from ribbons to see what it would look like, what do you think…art on a door yes or no?

Wreath _Bathroom Door

Wreath on the bathroom door…


Another shot of the dining area, behind the drape is my office, not ready to show you that mess…some other post maybe…


Looking from this angle you can see our bedroom door…with another wreath…

Last post for 2009, Happy New Year to my followers, thank you very much for leaving comments on my blog, they always make my day…


HAPPY NEW YEAR, from Calgary !

Regards, Carol Ann x


  1. The tree looks stunning! I love all the ornaments, especially the Eiffel Tower and the keys. My mother bought a 7 1/2 foot fake tree, which turned out really nice. It actually made our living room look bigger. I posted a couple pictures of our living room on Christmas day on my blog, if you'd like to take a gander!

    Happy New Year Carol Ann!


  2. Love your skinny tree. A very happy 2010 to you.

  3. I love your sid Dickens collection! I am a collector as well.

  4. Hi Carol Ann, your home looks just lovely. You can tell a decorator lives there! Looks so inviting and lovely. Thank you for the tips on my new chair - was it a round pillow you mentioned? Sweet idea. I was just noticing a round pillow in an old Domino mag the other day. Oh, I love silk. The pillow on the chair now is silk and came from France - I bought it on our last trip to Paris. Was thinking of doing another white or ivory silk pillow already, but love the round idea and maybe doing it multi-coloured. I think I will do the wooden armchair in off-white velvet, just a slight greyed white. I move these chairs around a lot, so helps to be versatile, and the cat can't reach it, so maybe I can sneak white in here!

    Yes, I thought the upholstery was a good deal. Fabric was $74/yard, so that was my splurge, though I saw a lot much more expensive!! I budgeted $50/yard but since the labour came out cheaper, I met my $1000 budget, almost!

    Take care - we will have to go for coffee sometime in the new year once the dust settles!! January is looking nuts for me and we are painting a bedroom, but I have a resolution to be more social this year!! haha. Talk later and thanks for the tips, xo Terri

  5. Sorry I am so self-absorbed haha. Meant to say I love the art on the door - great idea and nice rectangular shape - also the wreath is gorgeous!
    I want to keep wreaths up all year, don't the round shape. Your place looks just great. Nice to be downtown but you do have to settle for smaller. Until we moved to this house, I lived in a tiny apt. in Bridgeland and David lived in one in Sunalta. We love all the space but miss being nearer downtown. xo Terri

  6. Hi Carol Ann,
    Great job on your condo! Thank you for visiting me and you can find my email on my profile page.I will send you the recipe tomorrow.Our power went out for a couple of hours and it is still threatening to go again-rain and very high winds here on the Island.

  7. Your condo is so cozy and beautiful! I can relate to the phenomenon of not having a decision on the curtain rod. Decorating for me is total torture!
    Your skinny tree is wonderful and totally suits your place!
    Happy New Year sweet friend!

  8. Wow, these pics are really great and quite motivational in helping with the decoration of home. I really love what I see.

    Paula M