Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby Decor…

After the wonderful baby news across the pond today,

I thought I would play with baby decor for a change…

sundvik-crib__0135154_PE291910_S4 barnslig-rand-duvet-cover-and-pillowcases__58745_PE164292_S4

Crib with bedding

lova-bed-canopy__19281_PE104510_S4 barnslig-ulven-duvet-cover-and-pillowcases__0102776_PE248330_S4

Leaf over crib, more bedding

lynne-davies-centinoodle sophie-harding-baby-lion

Artwork over the crib for colour and fun.

bw_mobile03 bw_mobile 

Mobile… looks easy enough to make myself…


Modern rug for the floor under crib

spoka-night-light__0097670_PE238442_S4 Night light lampmalm--drawer-chest__74485_PE191628_S4 Dresseril_570xN_474743242_jz14 gullunge-babycare-mat__28545_PE110954_S4

Another mobile over the change table, pad for change table


Change table, holds clothing and diapers

mammut-childrens-table__0098620_PE239759_S4 mammut-childrens-stool__10646_PE087516_S4 mammut-childrens-chair__60939_PE166990_S4

Colourful table and chairs…

Colourful toys on table and bookshelf


pTRU1-10477938dt vitaminer-vimpel-blanket__0095210_PE233618_S4

more fun toys, colourful blanket

pTRU1-14621870enh-z6 glider chair from toy are us website

A place for mom and baby to rock… after a bathbarnslig-baby-towel-with-hood__75024_PE192643_S4 wearing this fun towel…

that was fun, comments anyone…

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