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New Buffet added to the dining area / Client:Presentation- Tuesday, June 18 2013

Using my blog today to help my clients daughters see the presentation I am giving my client, they are out of town but I wanted them to be part of the presentation day if possible…

Starting with the floor plan I have done 2 for this client using all the same pieces.

I love to do this when the I can. This will give the client two different ways to set up the room or a summer look facing the window and a winter look facing the fireplace.

To me this is just fun to be able to change the feel of the room any time the client wants.


Floor Plan 1, sofa facing the fireplace, chairs beside, TV to the right side of the fireplace (not a focal point) the room totally open to the dining area, very welcoming space plan. (yellow dots are lamps)

(this space planning is using the idea of the cable TV cord can be moved through the heater behind the fireplace or the cable run up and over the mantel and down again, tacked down)

cook 013 (2)

 Floor Plan 2, sofa facing the windows, chairs across the room for great conversations, TV in the corner (not a focal point) tucked in beside the fireplace. (yellow dots are lamps)

cook 014

I will start with a piece of art the client had me photograph as inspiration for her new room.

Cook 013

cook 012 (2)

Talbot Sofa in the grey fabric client likes on the show room floor.

F 103188 H 101034

Pillow story on the sofa

cook 006 (2) cook 004 (2)

Stripe pillow w/ fringe trim         Pattern pillow w/ cord trim


Talbot chair X 2


Wedge TB in Antique White finish, between the two chairs (floor plan 2) or to one side (floor plan 1)

cook 002 (2)

Floor lamp with chairs


End Table beside sofa

Marrakesh Garden Table Lamp (87-1702-S6) Kathy Ireland Lamp Pacific Lighting company for Client Cook Lamp on End Table

cook 003 (2)

Grey ceramic bowl for the top of coffee table or top of the dining table. (the picture shows it as a gold but it is a soft grey)

added a few glass balls in the colours out of the area rug.


Oval Coffee Table, glass insert, no shelf so you can see through the table to the area rug below.


8’-0” square area rug


This hall table used to hold the clients TV, finished as the other tables in Antique White finish. (seen on each side of the fireplace in the floor plans)

Marrakesh Garden Table Lamp (87-1702-S6) Kathy Ireland Lamp Pacific Lighting company for Client Cook

Matching lamp on the clients sofa table in the dining area.


Client decided after a few days to rethink this piece for the dining area.  I found a new piece to go in it’s place to blend in with the new table and chairs…

Canadel BUF054001616MMM finish Muslin to match table and chairs

This is the new piece, a simple buffet with 3 doors with 1 inside shelf and 2 drawers, this will house the clients dishware etc and use the same foot print as the open sofa table, all in all a wonderful call on the clients part. 


This piece I moved to the wall beside the window.

19729_2_ desi set of 3 candlesticks uttermost Cook 003 - Copy

Silver candlesticks for the fireplace mantel to go with and a bit in front of the clients artwork.

Dining Area of the condo…


CND TRE042681616MSID1Dining Table 42 x 68 with one leaf 42 x 88

I used a table with a pedestal base to give more space to the room, this table will come with a self storing leaf, helps save space in the condo. Used the 16M finish that the client and her daughter liked in the room the day I was there to measure.

Canadel CHA00138BB16MNN 

2 Parsons style chairs for each end of the table in a soft pattern that works so nicely with the pillows and area rug in the living room. Using the 16M finish again for the legs.

Canadel CHA00048UA16MNA

4 side chairs, I used a small scale chair for the sides of the table to make sure there is enough room to get by the dining area. Using 16M finish and a soft grey and taupe textured fabric for the seats.

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  1. Hi from Ottawa!
    Nicky and I love the designs! And love that you included the doggie beds in the floor plans. :-) Looks beautiful and we can't wait to see everything in mom's condo.