Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Only about a month to wait…

dec jan issue imagesCA0CJHV7

Conde Nast is bringing its much-missed shelter magazine… as they say in Calgary…Yahoo !

 imagesCAU2Z0G6 imagesCA81GYW2

Domino is coming back as a newsstand-only special called “ Domino Quick Fixes”, a thick version costing   $10.99.  They plan to sell on news stands from mid April through mid July…. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy !!!!!

domino_village_3565 imagesCAHCDPZR

I also heard that a second special edition is stated for next fall… Happy Dance !

 imagesCAEUYNU8 kelly wearstler domino mag

Like most newsstand specials, Domino Quick Fixes will carry fewer ad pages than a regular monthly magazine would. The Conde Nast Media Group will soon pitch advertisers on the issue. Also like many newsstand specials, Domino Quick Fixes will comprise a mixture of new and previously published content.  Singing !!!

 sept 2007 imagesCA00QMZP

Curbed reported last month that Domino could be returning in some form… Skipping around the room !

 imagesCA0LW6QV images

The original Domino published from 2005 through 2009, when it fell victim to the recession.  It was truly one of the biggest surprises to the design world and design bloggers for sure, we are all so pleased it is coming back in any form… Jumping up and down !

April can’t come soon enough for me, how about you… will you be purchasing a copy ?


  1. I will steal yours!:) nah just joking I'm so excited! I'll buy it the first day it's out! Love you Mom!

  2. Sounds great! Can't wait! :):)