Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random Things I Like and or Love

Thought it would be fun to post pic’s of random things…

yhst-98360661644784_2104_87381842 xmas wish Pottery Barn Birds… still have not

got them yet, wonder if anyone will get the hint… they might even be on sale by now, loltiffany-blue-box Anything in a Tiffany’s Blue Box… that is always the best surprise, thanks Jim…x

YEP4D00Z Cinzano with double lemon on the rocks…

toller1 Toller Cranston Artwork… I am very proud to say I have two of his pieces…

the devil wears pradaMovie, the Devil wears Prada…

titanic Movie, Titanic…

Volkswagon Love Old beetles… I’ve had two in my life and so enjoyed driving them…

lagos Paul & Linda… x

FWN05010LG Chanel No. 5 … x Best parfum ever!

293969042_1edf8b096f Eatons 9th Floor Restaurant, Montreal … gone but never forgotten. x

021 Our cat Kocadon … my four legged daughter x

r2756538924 Sandra Bullock… truly amazing woman !

Now that was fun……… which blogging is all about, thanks for logging on… now go have the best day, week, year ever !   L  CAM x


  1. Ah.. I have such fond memories of my 67 white beetle with the sunroof! It carried me all through college ;)

  2. Great list. Kocadon is gorgeous! xo Terri