Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remember scale, colour, space planning does matter, Design Presentation Jan 4 2011

This client started by purchasing (without design help) a loveseat, 2 overly large recliners and 2 armless chairs, nothing fit properly … the day they were delivered she called our manager and asked for design help…. This redo cost her 25% restocking fee to return what she had ordered !  Expensive lesson !   I was called in to measure and come up with a new design for the room… weeks later the presentation you see below happened… Lets just say they are very happy they had me fix the problems… remember scale, colour, space planning… really does matter….
Presentation set up
Presentation set up…
Floor Plan for new room
Sofa fabric w Pillow fabrics
Sofa, with pillow fabrics from the Kincaid Collection… I uses the new Custom Select Sofa’s,  clients get to pick from 4 back shapes, 4 different arm shapes and 2 different legs or a skirt.  After that they get to pick from 4 different cushion fills which is becoming very popular because each design comes out different for each client.
We are loving this in our office…thank you Kincaid
recliner fabric choices chair_4480
Recliner fabric choices for client… they picked the middle fabric…
 lamp for colour 83 021
Table & Lamp 83 020 Keswick Rd TB
Tables from the Kincaid, Keswick Collection, Lamp used to repeat the colour of clients walls and repeat the design on the sofa fabric…
Standing lamp chair_4480
Floor lamp used beside the Lazboy Riley Recliner….
clients CT top clients TB leg
Clients going to stain this table to match the new tables, it will look wonderful….
area rug close up
close up of Hammary Collection area rug…
I did not spec artwork for this room, client had great pieces that I reconfigured over the sofa…

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    I emailed you - let's go for coffee!! xo Terri