Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you, Layla & Kevin

I feel the major need this morning………….. to thank Layla & Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage for the gift of wonderful songs…

KEVLAYLOVE Cutest Couple on the Planet

A few days ago I was on their blog looking at videos of House Tours and this interesting and wonderful music was playing… something about fireflies…

A day later when the song would not leave my head I looked it up on You Tube…(so I did not have to bother anyone, by asking) and I found it… click on this Owl City 

Owl City Front Cover

So this weekend I went out looking for my copy of the album…yes I know it is a CD, but I still call them albums because I can! 

The whole album is wonderful, we listened to it instead of Sirius Satellite Radio all weekend…and that is saying something trust me…

So thank you Layla and Kevin….


  1. Hi there! So glad you liked Owl City, the song "Fireflies" will get stuck in our heads for days!!! You have such a wonderful blog, we look forward to reading through it more!

    Hope you gave a great week!
    Layla and Kevin

  2. Oh, it is so fun making serendipitous discoveries like that!! xo Terri