Saturday, February 27, 2010

Client Presentation Feb 17, 2010

Floor Plan to use

Clients Artwork for over sofa, inspiration for room

Clients Artwork, Inspiration for sure… we used it over the sofa below…

Demi Sofa

Look at the fun colour (tomato) the client wanted for the sofa/loveseat… I added green accent pillows to the sofa and a green lumbar to the loveseat…

how cool is this going to be…

Demi Loveseat

Groove Coffee Table Groove End Table Coffee TB & End TB’s

Floral Arrangement for top of coffee table

Floral arrangement for middle of the coffee table

Lamps on each side of sofa Lamps on each end table

Use Allegra chair, Accent Table & Floor Lamp

Chairs with accent tables and floor lamp….

Chair Ottoman and Fabrics

Close up of fabrics used for chairs & ottoman

Ghost Leaf design on table top Bamboo TB_T73427-00

Closer look at the accent table between the two chairs, the client so loved this little table… the base is a metal faux bamboo and the top is black with a gold ghost leaf design.

Clients table to use with new striped parsons chairs Clients dining table

Parsons Chair New parsons chairs

Parsons Style dining chairs, Fabric & Finish for Legs Fabric & Leg Finish

Jug for top of diningroom table Fun jug for Table

Use Clients Console with Poppy Art above Clients console

Artwork over Console in Diningroom

Artwork over the clients console… this so pulls the colours from the sofa/loveseat and brings it into the dining room


A shot of the presentation table, shows the great tree I found to go between the living room and dining area…

Hope you enjoyed this presentation, my client’s were very happy with their new room… it will take 8 to 10 weeks for all the custom pieces to be made…then the install, I hope to take after pictures of this room….will depend how busy I get… I am never there the day of the delivery…

Any comments on this room ?


  1. Wow, Carol Ann, looks like you are incredibly busy these days! Really pulling together these elements - great job!

    xo Terri

  2. This looks great! I love the lamps.

    By the way, I changed my blog's url.

  3. It was great to see your presentation. I always like to see how other designers work. Great post