Friday, January 8, 2010

Bathroom Wonders

I found some wonderful bathrooms for my file, thought I would share…enjoy the view.


1.  Love the wallpaper


2.  Bubble Bath anyone?


3.  French Country, love the painted floor


4.  Chandelier dimmed, light the candles…


5.  Deep tub…nothing more said


6.  I likey, a lot…rusty orange is my accent colour


7.  I think you would look really good in this room, no matter how you felt, light the candles for more glow


8.  Loving the pop of colour…In afternoon, a can of paint and your done…


9.  Sunny mornings, afternoons and evenings in this room


10.  Liking the clean camping feel of this one…


11.  French Country again… nice just nice


12.  Interesting, sink on mirror, interesting


13.  Marble walls and sink


14.  Love the under mount sink, marble counter top, mirror, lighting…even the taps this maybe my fav so far


15.  Pretty in Pink


16.  Concrete anyone?


17.  Now that is just wrong…to have a view for brushing your teeth…just kidding   I love this…and the morning news too!


18.  The double trouble twins, nice


19.  Fruit bowl to brush your teeth anyone? hehe


20.  Tub love!


21.  I think I would add a faux drawer under sink… seems to me it looks like something's missing…


22.  Oh boy, this is so me!


23.  Tulips are a great touch…knobs are great too!


24.  Way to show off a nice piece of stone…wow


25.  Glass sinks always look messy, we have one at work, I thought I would love it but I do not at all, think before doing…


26.  Loving the floor in this one…interesting placement of the mirror…


27.  This one I included because I like the use of lamps on the vanity…good lighting from the side


28.  Basket under love, Great mirror…


29.  Well what do you think of this one, I’m not sure what to think…maybe a little to trendy for me…


30.  Oh the floor, the walls, the chandelier, the mirror…love


31.  Spa anyone?


32.  Last but not least, great use of space above the sink for mirror and cupboard…marble counter and under mount sink again, sigh…

Hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed sharing my picture finds any you like more than others ? Any you do not like ?


  1. You've collected some fantastic bathrooms! As I scrolled down through each, I think I came across my favourite one several times! HaHa!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  2. Some great baths here...I think that high rise is here in Vancouver's Coal Harbour :)


  3. I do love 8's vanity. I could go on and on, as I kept thinking "ooh!" every couple pictures. Thanks for all the eye candy!

  4. Those are some awesome bathrooms. It's rare to see a brown and white one exclusively - very cool! Great post!

  5. How are you darling? Nice to get a comment from you!! x Maria

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