Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I thought my world had stopped

Over the weekend in the middle of 6 floor plans my laptop screen died!  I just sat there frozen in my chair, unable to breath…thinking my work…oh.. my.. goodness.. all my work…

All my AutoCAD files of client floor plans and all my years of templated  furniture were on that laptop!     I was close to tears when I remembered the little clickfree machine that I purchased off the shopping channel one day on a whim… It is a little machine that saves all your pictures and drawings…and it saves CAD drawings…not that I would backup my files everyday or anything…but often enough…

So I got out my copy of AutoCAD and loaded it on to my computer hybrid, worked out the plotter, and recovered all my saved files using the clickfree…

801-1003-100-2 I am sharing this with anyone that is visiting my blog today…my world would have come to a screeching halt if not for this little machine…

Blogging is about pictures…and if you want to save your pictures quickly and easily this is the machine for you…click here

Please pass this message on to everyone you think might need it…

In the end it looks like I only lost about 8 floorplans…not bad… could have been a lot worse…

I am now and forever more going to use my clickfree everyday after I do any CAD work….


  1. Excellent tip! Wow, thank goodness all your work was saved!!

  2. ok, last week i feel asleep with my laptop on and the screen closed on my mouse. it cracked the screen. thank GOD I subscribe to carbonite - an offsite place that saves everything - all docs and photos on their computer. so all i had to do is hit restore on my new laptop and it's all there. very cheap too. just another idea. glad you recovered your files too.

  3. Brutal! glad you recovered most. It came to mind that when I visited Castiglioni studio (see my recent post) there were no computers on site, only drawing tables and lots of boxes. He did everything by hand until the end (old school). Technology helps but we need to be on top in case something happens. Glad you did.

  4. Great advice.....back-up, back-up, because you just never know.
    Thanks for your comment on my Blog!!!
    Regards, Patricia