Monday, August 3, 2009

Chances with Pink…

It is a few hours before I officially take off on vacation, so dear blog world I am leaving for 2 weeks…with out my laptop…I need a rest and without it I just might get one.

So I have decided to leave you with some of my favourite pictures using pink.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…


Colour blocking on each side of the fireplace, adds pop with one gallon of paint…they used hue of pink from the floral fabric to get it right on…always pick the fabric before the paint…


Lots of white…with bits of yellow…and accented with pink. Use of black in this room makes it sing and the area rug just grounds the lot, love this room.


I love the soft pink on this house, the use of black for the bench and the window awning adds punch…and then how cute is that smart car…


Change out the art and pillows…paint the bookcase another colour…any colour and you can change this rooms feeling completely…that is smart design, really smart design…


OK, who’s has the guts to do this to their kitchen…or for Joni, who’s husband would let them do this to the kitchen, if they really and I mean really needed to do this…lol   I know if I asked my husband,  he would think I was nuts but he would let me!


This is pink and Brilliant !  Change the ribbons for a different colour and your done !



How cool is this, candle drip catchers used for a bit of bling and sparkle, oh and the pink tulips are lovely too!


Now I thought I would leave you with a great quote…


Take chances everyone, even with colour…what colour have you used as an accent in your home…has anyone used pink ?


  1. lovely sentiment! no taking chances for me - I ADORE PINK! great post...

  2. I love the second picture, which is odd because I usually don't like yellow or pink. It seems like a happy room. Great pictures!


  3. Those are stunning images! Wow, I'm in love with pink kitchen, it's fabulous! Have a great vacation!