Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sandra Bullock

Happy Birthday,

to my favourite actress Sandra Bullock

I was on the internet looking for a way to email her today to say Happy Birthday… I could not find a way to do it so I decided to blog a message to her…

If it was possible I would have her over for Tea and Cake…

cakeAnd there would be balloons


SandraBulloc_Cohen_16819143 sandra-bullock-0047

I would send her home with this beautiful arrangement of flowers…


Just my way of thanking Sandra for all the enjoyable hours watching her movies…my fav… “The Net”


  1. Happy Birthday Sandra! great post.That cake is gorgeous...

  2. Love her but my favourite is still Julia Roberts. . . I would have even named my daughter Julia (jules for short) if I had kids, but I didn't so unless my sister has a girl. . . then maybe!