Sunday, May 17, 2009

Client Floor Plan #3

New Sofa w/button tuffed pillows and cord, Chairs w/swival bases,
Round coffee table with glass insert and 2 sweet accent tables.
Clients TV is mounted on a swival base so she can watch from the livingroom or
the kitchen while cooking dinner.
Client kept her dining table...dining chairs are out of be changed out
for large ones in the near future.

Planview: Livingroom


  1. I like your floor plan idea (posting them I mean) I never do them, I just look at a space, do some measuring and start shopping, so far I've been lucky but I think it's smarter to have one like yours!

  2. I have a floor plan for every client...I do a presentation in the store with floor plan, the picture of each piece of furniture with the fabric etc put on (we have our own website for that) samples of the fabrics, small samples of the area rug, pictures of the tables,and then I pick out lamps, accessories, artwork, trees...and lay everything out in our design center...they are really cool to see my presentations and they are really fun to do...